Republican Endorsed Candidate

David Stavens

for State Representative

Engineering a
Stronger Connecticut

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David Stavens for District 57

Engineering Our Future

About David

A lifelong resident of Ellington, CT, David has always had a passion for bettering his community. David lives in Ellington today with his wife of 30 years and three of his five children.

Having a degree in civil engineering, David has spent years developing Ellington’s local economy through his work with Barber Utilities, LLC. David used his experience in infrastructure after he joined Ellington’s Planning & Zoning Committee. He has also served on the Board of Selectmen since 2015.

In addition to serving on the town board, he is also a member of the CT Business & Industry Association (CBIA), Motor Transport Association of CT (MTAC), Utility Contractors Association of CT (UCAC), National Utility Contractors Association (NUCA) and Northeast Gas Association (NGA).



David has experience supporting improved infrastructure. He goes to D.C. once a year with NUCA to advocate for clean water and clean drinking water, infrastructure, and state revolving funds. He knows we can fix the roads without tolls through public and private bonding.


Kids need to get back to school in a safe and efficient manner, and David will do what it takes to make this happen. He will fight for safe school measures including parental choice, distance learning, and physical school, or a combination of the three. He will also support school boards during this time of uncertainty.

Housing Repairs

David will continue to make sure that funding is available for families repairing crumbling foundations. He will ensure that the State continues to add money into the funds, seeing as insurance companies are not helping homeowners.

COVID-19 Response

The coronavirus pandemic is an unprecedented challenge that we must all work together to overcome. David is committed to supporting local families and businesses while implementing a strategic, sustainable recovery plan.

Limited Government

No one knows this district better than its residents. That’s why David is a strong advocate for small, limited government. Ensuring decisions that affect our community are made by locals—not outsiders—is one of his top priorities.

Better Affordability

David believes that taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to foot the bill for frivolous legislative decisions. He’ll speak out against excessive spending and take steps to ensure bureaucrats are held accountable for financial waste—priorities that he knows matter to citizens as well, seeing that this is a budget year. As a member of the Ellington Board of Selectmen, he ensured that taxes were raised only to reconcile State budget disagreements, and he will bring that fiscal responsibility to the state level.

Public Safety

Police are cornerstones of our community. Without them, there would be no law and order. David will honor and collaborate with local law enforcement to protect our families and bring criminals to justice.


David will help District 57 stay healthy by petitioning for more affordable and accessible health care options. He knows that fostering competition in the free market is the first step toward lowering the financial burden on families.

Business Climate

COVID-19 has wounded our local economy, but David knows we can rise to the challenge. He’ll work hard to create new opportunities for workers and support businesses as they begin the rebuilding process.